Team en social standards

SCF comprises a motivated team of employees. We consider it important to maintain good working conditions and to respect social aspects of collaboration within the company. Ruud Souverein, Shareholder, has both management and entrepreneurial experience. He has a background in marketing, communications, strategic planning and administrative. Ruud Souverein comes from the Netherlands, but for over 30 years has had a great interest in Suriname, partly due to the fact that he married a Surinamese woman. Since 2008 he has lived and worked in Suriname. Originally a planner, but beginning in 1989 he became active in market research and marketing and communications advice first as a consultant and later as director of several businesses (OF enterprises). In that capacity, he assisted large organizations in the development of business plans, development plans, marketing concepts as well as the implementation of marketing and organizational strategies and customer operations. Jules Donk Shareholder with a great knowledge of the flora and fauna of Suriname and extensive experience as entrepreneur and director. Jules Donk has been the first years of his career a manager at a large company in the food industry. Has experience in managing a factory where foods are produced and therefore with the hygiene requirements that allowed it to be made and work efficiently. Then several companies set up and led. Is President of the Jewish municipality in Suriname and know so what to do as a director. He has a technical training and a large ' drive ' to set up innovations.
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